Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pumpkin Pie

On Friday my eyes fell on some lovely little sugar pumpkins at the farmers market and visions of pie swam in my head.
It should be noted that my people do not do pie. I can't ever remember having a home made one in a Slavic context. I used my Baba's hideous Corell mixing bowl anyway though; it is suspiciously similar to the color of the finished pie.
So last winter I set out to master pie making and stumbled across a wonderful pumpkin pie recipe in my Larrousse Country Cooking that calls for crushed clove and real maple syrup.
So there is a significant amount of scraping.
The the pumpkin is baked at 350 for a hour and a half.
Until it looks like this.
The skin just peels off (though as you might imagine it is really hot) and then there is the fun of mashing with the pastry cutter.
Because the puree is really wet it needs to drain through a cheese cloth for twenty to thirty minutes which lets it cool down. Apparantly squeezing out as much water as possible is really important.
You get enough to make one pie from a pumpkin with a 10 inch diameter (though I make rather large pies 8 inches might do the trick.

The puree is mixed with all the ingredients and poured into the shell.

This pie was very finicky and took a solid hour and 45 minutes to bake though a shallower pie dish speeds things up to usually a little more than an hour at 325 degrees.
It turned out nicely and now I need to go to work.



dickie said...

Mmm, looks delicious! It's cool that you made it from scratch. I'd probably just buy pumpkin in a can. =)

Diane said...

No our people don't do pie. I wonder why that is? Maybe no room left after kielbasa, cabbage, and potatos.