Wednesday, September 5, 2007

More Tofutsies

I really do like this yarn though one of the previous pair has disappeared. I'm sure it will show up again. For some reason I made these a bit too short. 56 stitches on # 2 with plenty of yarn to spare; I tend to make my socks with short ankles . I have another ball of this in green and white and think I'll use all the extra to make a pair of striped socks combining the three. That brings me up to 4 pairs of socks (minus one blue sock that as I mentioned is MIA). I am going to finish Flopper's sweater (I just got a 32" #8 circular so I don't make any more mistakes) and then begin working on a pair of Jaywalkers; Everyone else seems to have made this pattern and I might as well jump on the band wagon.



Diane said...

Beautiful! Jumping on the Jaywalker bandwagon? I'll be the only person in blogland who hasn't knit Jaywalkers.

The blue socks on my blog are a child size 12 knit on #2 needles. I'm addicted to my #2 bamboo needles.

Andy B said...

I responded to your question on my blog, but I'll put the link here as well. The pattern can be found at: