Monday, September 10, 2007

A Dilly of a Pickle

The pickles were ready to be canned today. I make the brine extra salty to avoid things that I don't want making a home with my pickles from growing. So when I put the pickles in cans I dilute the brine in half with water. This doesn't make it half strength but more like 75 percent because the pickles absorb alot of salt from the heavy brine and that salt leeches out of the think salinity tries to achieve equilibrium but should really ask one of my science people about it.

Pickles are nice because they are rather inexpensive.

$4 for cucumbers
$1 for lids (though if they are for me I'll reuse old lids after they've been washed)
$.50 for salt ( non iodized sea salt from Penzey's I could be a lot cheaper)
$1 for peppercorns (Co-op again it could be less)
$2 for dill ( the rabbits ate all of mine so again the coop where it is more expensive).
So a grand total of $8.50 and 1o minutes time with the occasional peak over the course of a week or so for 3 liter jars of pickles. Which is roughly the cost of one jar of Bubbies the only commercial brand that is as good and they don't cram their jars full so you get about 3/4 as many pickles in a jar.


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