Saturday, September 22, 2007

8 weird things about me

At the behest of Kyle here are 8 things about me that are somewhat odd.

1. I am the one the last scions of a ghost town. This is where I grew up. Mine fire ; fun times . To make money in the summers I used to give tours to yuppies. There are 2 other people my age from Centralia and 3 younger. Before the mine fire it was a town of 1200. As I understand it the Silent Hill storyline is based on my hometown. People come and make these hilarious home videos.

2. I really enjoy playing with molten metal and am particularly good at precision cutting using a torch inside a solid piece of metal. I've written in 2 inch thick steel. The trick is to heat the metal to just the right temperature and then blast the liquid metal out with a jet of air.

3. My nickname in high school was Mary; go figure.

4.I'm an environmental learner. Or what Howard Gardener describes as a naturalist learner; basically if I am put somewhere I innately pick up on the patterns around me and that process is my primary method of acquiring knowledge. It was a bitch for my teachers to deal with because schools are very sterile environments ,there just wasn't enough there to occupy me, so I was always trying to do something else. Now I just knit in class. You learn these things after a few years of education theory : )

5. My oddest collection is probably my historical rubble. When a friend goes to somewhere fascinating I have them commit archaeological theft for me. A pot shard or rock is usually the result. My favorite piece right now is a shard from Masada given to me by Flopper's mother.

6. My first and greatest musical love goes to ska. I also subsequently find musicians tremendously attractive. This is Eastern Standard Time out of DC.

7. I've an extremely sensitive palate ; as in oh yes undertones of hazelnut sensitive. My favourite food for minutiae is honey. I have kept different varieties of honey for specific purposes up to five or six at a time my current favorite is blueberry. I really hope to have a hive some day.

8. There are about 25 icons around the house and I haven't bought any of them for myself. This is what happens when loving people learn you like a particular art form.


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