Saturday, September 29, 2007

Elias and Pirohi

So Elias has been a perfectly charming puppy lately to the point where we say, "cage" and he runs into his kennel. We would never have expected this a year ago.
As you can see he has everything a dog could want; internet access, a glow ball to chase at night, and a down comforter to sleep under.

Today the adorableness of Eli compounded because as we were getting ready to leave the house he went into his kennel without being told to. Flopper came into my room came looking very confused and asked who told Eli to go into his kennel.

We suspect he'll soon figure out how to feed himself.
Until then he waits expectantly at my feet whenever I cook anything. Today it was some 40 pirohi. He never looks directly at you though it's more "I'm conveniently here and you conveniently have food".
There was Eli as if to remind me that he too like cheesey mashed potato pirohi filling.

He's such a cute little furball.


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Eric & Tony said...

A delicious new banner!

We're hoping Sissy learns that kennel trick soon.

Since we adopted Sissy, I don't think I've had to sweep or mop the kitchen floor once. She's such a little Hoover.