Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Produce and Socks

The gardening season is coming to a close here is St. Closet, Mn. All and all I think it was a fairly successful little garden. I got decent amount of everything though not nearly so much as I would have liked and my Roma's were decimated by blossom end rot until last month. Peppers and herbs were profuse and my bell peppers have actually produced a second crop of little peppers. We planted 9 eggplants and got 4 fruits from them I think the growing season here just isn't long enough because all of the plants are now producing fruit there just isn't enough time for them to grow. I'll have to make something with all the green tomatos that are left in the garden though I think I'll get a few striped Romas yet.
On the knitting side of things I have been working on the eternal sweater and have managed to pull apart and reknit the collar three times. Elizabeth Zimmerman has amazing designs and obtuse directions. When I was in DC Dan was kind enough to give me a bounty of yarn and I have been working on a pair of socks for him out of Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks.
The Gentleman's Half Hose in the Ringwood pattern knit on #1's though originally on #00's dating from an issue of Weldon's published in 1898. Dan has developed a love of New England and I thought the reference to the stitch pattern being from Ringwood, New Hampshire would tickle his fancy.
I'm loving this yarn ,whose provenance I have forgotten; it's wool, hand spun, and hand painted, and am a bit saddened that the second sock is not striping but think it will turn out rather lovely. I'm starting the second sock because I'm not certain there will be enough yarn and would rather the foot be in black and the toes return to the original colors then have color shift happen half way down the foot.

Hopefully they'll be done by November when I go to DC for a wedding.


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Diane said...

Your garden was very successful. I've loved watching all your canning and cooking.

Love your socks! I'm really into socks that don't quite match so if you want to reknit to a woman's size 7 ......