Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Knitting in Saint Joseph and an ugly apple pie

Yesterday evening Flopper organized a knitting circle. There were seven of us all connected through the School of Theology at Saint John's. Things were knit and there a lovely time was had. Flopper s concentrating on his knitting.

One of our craftspeople was not knitting but rather embroidering in a phenomenally intricate way. She also had a spelunking light so that she could see her embroidery better which I would imagine becomes more of an issue as a person ages.

It was really fun to look up from my socks and see a little Australian woman donning mining equipment. :)

Today after going to class and the gym I decided to bake a pie; because what else do you do after a 500 calorie workout on the cross trainer? The apples came from the St. Joe farmer's market (next week I'm going to make pumpkin pie filling with prodice from there and maybe can it).
I never make enough crust to do a pretty lattice work.

It is a rather ugly pie but I'll wager it will taste good.

Off to my night class; I think a post about the garden and knitting is in order for tonight though.