Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dr. Nayanga says ...

In my History of South Africa course the professor just said "I am about to hand you my master piece, If you a christian it should be your bible, muslim your koran, and if you are atheist your nothingess." in regards to a handout.

and " It is a very long flight to South Africa, 17 hours from New York; you eat and sleep and try to forget about life."

and "I am 65 I don't need to go to the bathroom often or I don't notice when I do. You are young so you might need to go; if anyone pees their pants it will be me."

"Misfortunes do not come singly but in Battalions" regarding the fall of the Apartheid South African Government; Shakespearian references make me smile.

I love historians.


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Eric & Tony said...

Ahhh, I would have to audit that class because I'm already confused!

End of season produce is always good for chow chow. mmmm.

And although the Apple Pie may look funny, it also looks delicious!