Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jelly Dillemas and Chutney

In life somethings just refuse to gel. In my case it was the jelly I made. The wild grape did what it was supposed to do but the choke cherry plum medley and the wild plum just didn't want to cooperate. So yesterday I opened all the jars reheated the jelly and doubled the amount of pectin.
That satisfied the Choke cherries but the plums are still being stubborn in a few instances.

Yesterday I also made chutney from green apples and green tomatoes.

On Sunday while Dan and I were bus making jelly Flopper was kind enough to chop the neccesary 2lbs of green tomato and 4 lbs of apples.

That mixture was left out for 24 hours and after my jelly debacle I set to cooking it.

The recipe called for.

2 C white wine vinegar
12 pearl onions (chopped finely)
2 TS of black pepper
2 TS of mustard
and 1/2 lb of sugar

All of which were boiled for twenty minutes. I wanted something with more spice and so added a teaspoon of smoked paprika.
All that was tossed onto the tomato/apple mixture in my small dutch oven and left to cook for 45 minutes on medium.
The book claims this chutney will keep for "many years" which is slightly frightening.
I'll be giving most of it away to friends in the cities and DC and of course Principal Dan gets 3 or 4 jars.


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