Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wind Dried Puffin

Peat brought this commercial to my attention and my inner cultural historian was struck by the wind dried puffin. Peat assured me it was an actual phenomenon in the Faroes and Iceland.

Apparently there is so much salt in the air in these places that you can hang things up outside and they don't rot they just dry. Common things like fish or puffin were just put out on the line but for hard to come by beef and mutton a outhouse was built with holes large enough to let the wind in but keep out pilfering sea birds.
It seems the Chinese are also fond of this technique.
Now if only I had an ocean and some puffins .....


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Diane said...

Interesting. Well, I've got a slight breeze off the pond and wild geese but somehow I don't think it'll work.