Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Radishes are an often overlooked vegetable. Except by the French. It seems that if it is edible the French will not overlook. In fact even if there is the possiblity of the food being edible the French have not overlooked it.

One of my Favourite books is my "Preserving Food w/o Freezing or Canning" by the kind people of Centre Terre Vivante. Lurking in the pages of this wonderful volume is the following recipe.

I'm not really certain how many pounds of radish I used and was certainly more liberal with the salt than the recipe called for In any Case here is my mound of radishes cleaned up.
Chopped. I seem to do a lot of choppin vegetables maybe I should get a cleaver?
Then finally squished into jars; I like to use my pestle for this though in a crock a wine bottle does the job quite admirably.

Many of the recipes in this book call for fermenting inside jars. This one is interesting in that the brine is added hot after a few days rather than immediatly. I suspect it has to do with the toughnesss of the Radishes. they need to soften. I added some local jalapeno peppers for heat. the recipe claims the brine can be used in lieu of vinegar and drunk watered down. it takes a very special person to enjoy drinking radish brine but fortunately I know a number of very special people.



Tallguy said...

I did some cucumbers this way, and then added some carrtos. I never thought of radishes! Actually, you can put in almost any kind of vegetable and preserve it that way.

Eric & Tony said...

That is a lot of raddishes. Very pretty.