Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The long lost first fantasy book

When I was in third grade a relative (I think my Aunt Linda) gave me a gift certificate to Waldenbooks for ten dollars for my birthday. I remember being thrilled about this and wandering into the bookstore with my mother. My eyes were caught by the fantasy section and despite Mom's attempts to guide me back into the children's section I bought two books completely at random that were grossly above my reading level.

The first book was the Guns of Avalon the second book of Roger Zelaznys The Blood of Amber
series. It was an amazing book and I have subsequently bought it numerous times and read the whole series five or six time. Fantasy at its finest.

The second book I totally forgot about. It vaguely involved a magic cloak and space ships and there was a hunted hero forced from his homeworld. Specifically I remembered a passage about the cloak having an invisible pattern of flowers woven into it. The book was not very good and until Saturday the title completely escaped me.

Then as I was reading Into the Void, part of the Spelljammer series (which I had purchased on Friday at DreamHaven in Minneapolis), I came across the passage describing the pattern in the cloak and I found my lost book. It is as bad as I remember but I am happy to have in my library as a memory.


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