Monday, October 22, 2007

The Minneapolis Greenway and Nicolet Island

This weekend I biked around Minneapolis in preparation for my eventual move to the Twin Cities and to escape Saint Closet for a bit. Thursday and Friday I stayed at Redwing's and rode up and down the Greenway.
The Greenway is possibly the most useful bike trail I have ever used. It runs E/W from Uptown to Seward across Minneapolis on an old railway line that has dozens of bridges going across it. You access the path by ramps.
Along the 3 or 4 mile stretch are numerous little parks and gardens.
On Saturday I wandered of to Ben and Peat's house and ended up going out with them for a friends birthday to a goth club. Goth people make me smile. During the day Saturday I took a few pictures of Nicolet Island, the magical little neighborhood that is in the middle of the Mississippi. There are a few bridges that connect the island to either side of the river.
I would love to live there while I'm student teaching (found out I'll be doing it in Saint Paul) but there are seriously maybe 20 houses on the entire island so I don't see that happening. I'm goign to try for NE because the bus line down university will deposit me in St. Paul with relative speed. Here are some of the houses on the island.
Every house has an adorable garden in a haphazard Victorian style.
It's a magical place and I love spending time there with the cats, chickens, bridges, and adorable men.


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