Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Bike Lock

My bike is easily most prized possession. If I could lump my "kitchen" or my "library" as a single items they would rank higher but as far as a single thing is concerned my bike is it. It's also the most expensive thing I own. Needless to say I'm a bit protective of it and so when I bought my bike 3 years ago I bought the most expensive lock I could.

The Kryptonite New York Lock ( I love when people market with New York; it's such a scary place ) complete with a 3000 dollar warranty which I never bothered to fill out. They now have an even thicker lock but I can't help but feel this one is sufficient.

After three years the lock cylinder dissappeared. I have no idea where it went. So I went out and bought a cheaper lock as I am not in the position to drop 90 dollars at the moment on anything but clothes. Flopper told me I should send it so on a whim I e-mailed customer service and they confirmed that they would replace the lock. So I crammed it into a flat rate priority mail envelope a few weeks ago and was met with a new bike lock when I got home.

Complete with overly complex mounting apparatus. I just toss the lock in my basket.

My favorite feature is the LED equipped key. The last key with a light in it was absolutely pointless for the most part but still fun. This one in kind of clunky but could double as a small flashlight it is so bright.

So my bike is well protected from ravaging thieves once more which isn't a problem in Saint Cloud (not nearly as much as DC) but it will make me less aprehensive when I lock it up in Minneapolis.


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