Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Danica in daylight and Eli in the wind.

It a brisk blustery day outside so I thought I'd take Eli to play in the park across the street and maybe Knit some of my Danica scarf while sitting under a tree.
I don't let Eli off leash unless I'm paying attention to him and since I was busy picking up stitches I had him tied to my foot.
I looked up and was getting the "If you loved me you'd let me run around" look.
I persevered in my knitting and then he started tugging to get the point across.
He then decided to take out the source of my preoccupation and flopped on top of my balls of yarn.
I admitted defeat and left him to run around the field with his favorite glow ball. Doesn't he just look much happier?



Amy said...

Lovely scarf. Smart dog.

Did it take long to train Eli on the Gentle Leader?

Eric & Tony said...

Great pics of Minneapolis. There's one more place to add to our list of places to visit.

Looks like Eli had fun in the park.

Awesome job with the WIPs.