Sunday, October 28, 2007


My usual method of learning a recipe is by teaching it to myself by trial and error. If I had someone to show me this would be a lot easier. I'm looking forward to cooking with Peat and picking up a few recipes.

Today I tried meatballs for a second time and I think it was an improvement on the last time.
They still cooked for longer than they should and I think I'll try 50 minutes instead of an hour next time. I made a nice puttanesca for dinner and the rest are freezing for future use. I like to toss one or two in my miso soup.
Here's a random photo of Eli sprawled out on the floor. Wednesday I start one of my student teaching experiences and am looking forward to it.


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Peat said...

Hey Babe!
What are they made of... They look great! I vill hav too shoow yoo de sveedish vay....