Monday, October 22, 2007

October Knitting

I have been knitting this month. I finished two hats last week and am making good progress on the inordinately long Gentleman's Half Hose for Dan.

Today when I looked at my google reader I saw the Danica Scarf that fine gentleman over at cashmere blend is making. The I found out it was designed by Yarn Boy and promptly rooted through my stash and cast on . This is the progress I made tonight at knitting circle and I am amazed at how fast it's coming together. Rowan Aran on #9 needles ; I love my Lantern Moons.
It's sloppy but I'm sure that will improve with time and blocking covers a multitude of sins.



dickie said...

Yay for Danica! =)
Your starting triangles look better than mine. ^_^
I love Lantern Moon needles too.

Diane said...

Oh I do love those socks. Lucky Dan!

Ulrika said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous socks! Wow!