Friday, October 26, 2007

Chicken Pot Pie

I tried to make squished chicken today but accidentally put the chicken skin down first instead of skin with the result that some of the breast meat didn't cook. Quickly averting culinary calamity I cut up the chicken and began making pot pie using the pan juices and a highly suspicious bottle of cheap wine that appeared in my kitchen a few weeks ago for the gravy. Add some onions and carrots and the meal is saved.
I've become convinced that the secret to a good pie crust is to touch it as little as humanely possible when mixing in the water. I use a fork and add water a palm full at a time and then toss it in the freezer in a ball for half an hour.
I doused this pie in a liberal amount of sumac; one of my favorite spices. Sumac turns everything purple but that doesn't matter in a pie.
Just seal it up and toss it in the oven for an hour on 330.
I'm going to eat some and take a shower and nap before work at midnight tonight. Tommorrow it's off to Minneapolis again for the day. I'll take pictures of something interesting.


1 comment:

Eric & Tony said...

mmmm pie *drool*

pan juice = liquid gold. Sadly, too many people don't know that.

I've never used Sumac. I'll have to hunt some down.