Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Swell Hat

I made this hat last night at work in about 4 hours and finished off the top of it today.
I like the pattern It's the Swell pattern from Knitty without the ear flaps (I detest Ear Flaps).
I was inspired by this lovely hat made by Shadkitty
and was really happy about how quickly this hat appeared.
My model is cuter than theirs though. : )

I had forgotten how fast working on #10's was. The red is Rowanspun Aran and the silver is Louisa Harding Cashmere Aran. I think next time I'll go down to 9's and knit the large size of 99 stitches instead of using 88 like I did with this hat. It looks just a bit too loose for my liking. Now I have to think of someone to give this to.....



Diane said...

Yes your model is cuter than the others. And it matches his tag sooo well.

dickie said...

Nice! I could use a four hour project. ^_^