Thursday, November 1, 2007

Danica Nearing Completion

I have maybe 8 inches left on the Danica Scarf which will put the final length at about 70 inches.
I am really enjoying knitting this scarf and was thinking about giving it to Cicada but am leaning more towards giving it to Niko for Christmas and knitting another one in orange and red for Cicada.

Maybe I'll be able to get it done bye the end of the weekend but I have a pretty detailed lesson plan to do Sunday afternoon so probably blocking will commence on Monday or Tuesday.



Kyle Kunnecke said...

looks really nice! and getting *close* to finishing feels good... I finished a scarf last night and wanted to dance around the house (but didn't; it was much too late to do that, and it would have confused my kitties!)

Diane said...

I always get a little antsy when I'm that close to finishing a long scarf. It looks wonderful.

Eric & Tony said...

Hizzah for the end in sight!
MMM puffin jerky.