Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Saddle Shouldered EZ Sweater Unblocked

It needs to be blocked but the weather has taken a turn for the frigid in Saint Cloud and I think it is high time I got around to posting about Flopper's sweater. This Bobby Blue Malabrigo Yarn has been through a lot. I originally knit Flopper flopper a whole Big Bad Hoodie out of Stitch and Bitch but we both decided it was hideous so I frogged the whole sweater and began searching for a new pattern. 8 skeins on #8 needles.
Eventually I was lead to the EZ book knitting w/o tears and Flopper settled on the saddle shoulder pattern. I've had the sweater finished for about two months now I just haven't gotten around to blocking it.

I'm especially fond of the lines that the seamless pattern makes along the "Seam". I liked the saddle shoulder more than the hybrid because it seemed to have a more fixed shape and all the EZ sweaters I had seen were rather loose to begin with so I didn't want to add to that.
Ribbing along the collar. Which EZ wrote unworkable directions for.
And cuffs and Hem.
Eli appreciates my knitting if not modeling for my blog. He's just not a sweater sort of dog.

I'll post some pictures when it is blocked and less lumpy looking.


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Eric & Tony said...

Love that color, and in Malibrigo . . . mmmmmmm.