Saturday, November 3, 2007

Fiber Foray From Fargo

Today I was in Fargo and among other things I of course went to the local yarn stores.
The newest addition to Fargo is Boucle' which opened just a few weeks ago in Fargo's thriving Downtown. Seriously there was a men's clothing store that I would have shopped in.
It was pleasantly trendy with a great selection
and the requisite lime green furnishings and IKEA shelving.
On the outskirts of town Parie Yarns was just setting up shop and had alot of the typical workhorse Cascades and Lamb's Pride. I wasn't impressed.
I was impressed by the Nordic Needle which is the single most comprehensive embroidery store I have ever seen. Unfortunately I left my purchases from here in Fargo. The Nordic Needle has somewhat legendary status amongst embroidery people having been in business since the mid 70's. I'm going to stitch a nice little Llemko rushniky.

Fargo was surprisingly pleasant and rather interesting.


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