Wednesday, August 12, 2009

To Korea and Beyond

It is my nature to be conservative. Not politically of course but philosophically and in the ways that I order my life and my dealings with the world around me. That being said so for it has been the case that when I have stepped past the normal boundaries that govern my life that I have been amazed, astonished, and more than likely blessed with happenings and people more interesting and astounding than my generally pedestrian existence would allow for.

It is with the hope for such encounters that I go to Korea tomorrow afternoon to teach for a year in the boondocks of South Jeolla province. I'm frankly trying to decide what to do with myself . My personal life in DC is happier than it has ever been. Michael is the sweetest of men and the most loving of partners and my friends are wonderful people. I am not off on some vague attempt to find myself, I know who I am as much as any 20 something does, but rather to find a function that I can be happy fulfilling.

I will not mention any place names in this blog or any names of people in Korea to avoid the ever present eye of google. Next week I'll post a map of where I am and contact information for mailings but the names of my town and school can't appear online. I'd imagine I'll post once a week and see what happens.

Elias is sure to be upset about the 15 hour flight but he'll recover I'm sure.

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