Thursday, August 27, 2009

E-Mart in Suncheon

Today I went to Suncheon in search of booze and butter. Suncheon is the closest city to my town which is not large enough to have it's own department stores. Apparently E-mart is the more expensive of the two and I definatly approached the 200000 won mark.

My biggest complaint about Korea is that the booze is terrible. Not just bad but downright terrible. Everything is either incredibly sweet , mind you I love sweet liqueurs and sherries, or just inexplicably foul; yes I'm talking about Soju.

And I got up off my snooty ass and went into the big city in search of alcahol and behold I found a wine section. The selection was suprisingly thorough though there were no champagnes; it was about as good as you might find in a liquor store in a grocery store that targeted middle class Americans. Lots of penguins and kangaroos on bottles. I picked up two malbecs and then spotted the hard liqor shelf.

Koreans for whatever reason love scotch. I think it is in keeping with their general love of booze that tastes like it has been drug through the fens of England. There were two types of vodka and I gladly shelled out 25 dollars to be able to make a screwdriver. I had no idea what the "commander vodka" was but at 8000 won a bottle it must make the angels in heaven weep. Maybe I can use it for limoncello.

my second realization about Koreans today was that they really like fatty meat. Even more than Ukrainians. I invite you to take a good look at this bacon. First the sheer amount and then the artery clogging potential.

Gimbap Wikipedia article

I went out to eat in my town after getting back from the market and taking li for his evening walk and found a cute little Kimbap place. Kimbap is like sushi but without raw fish.
I had no idea what most of the words on the menu were and so got some very spicy pork and rice, a bowl of udon soup, and a ton of mandu, for seven dollars. I heart Korea even if it has terrible booze and will give me a heart attack.

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