Thursday, August 27, 2009

Semojin River

My valley here is dominated by Jirisan Mountain and the Semojin River. Yesterday Elias and I wandered in the general direction of the river to find somewhere for him to run.

About a twenty five minute walk from the house we found a nice set of soccer fields right along the river that tapered off into some dense underbrush. Just the sort of thing Elias loves to lope through.

Elias went for a quick swim and I noticed two umbrellas a bit up the river bank and decided to go be nosey.
There was quite the set up. Net, coolers, two umbrellas one chair.

And Five Fishing lines. But no little old man to mind them. What's more we didn't see anyone in the whole two hours we were there. I thought it was a little odd personally.
Elias seemed unconcerned with this mystery and was content to just lie in the grass attempting to catch bugs in his mouth.

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