Saturday, August 15, 2009

More river platforms

Today we wandered with fifty out of shape Canadians to the head of the valley. It was a 4 mile climbed up two lane roads with Koreans either honking their horn in disgust or lust at the Canadian girls in bikini tops. It was like March of the Penguins but with dehydrated white people.

At the top of the ridge there is a two tier dam where all the people in the valley go to swim on the weekends. Some enterprising person bought the land on either side of the river and has put up 12 by 12 table platforms on stilts where happy Korean families can go and play cards while cooking on their portable Hibachis. The platforms extend on both sides of the river for about a mile up to the dam. It was like Korean Norman Rockwell.

The Canadian Girls elicited a lot of attention from Korean men who apparently do not get to see cleavage because of a conservative culture and the petite bust size of Korean women. Amusingly enough some of the boys in group recieved giggles and a few brave calls of "Hey Sexy!" from the more adventurous women watching their moves like hawks and sizing up their earning potential as a future husband.

Korea makes me smile.

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