Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My apartment in G U R Y E

So I have arrived in my little town which is in fact quite a bit bigger than many of the small places that I could have gone. I think the population is somewhere around ten thousand upwards to 15000. My apartment is about a kilometer from my school and is in a building with seven other units. The building like most korean buildings is ugly as sin but the apartment is amazingly large for here and relatively well furnished.

Most enjoyably I have a small tub. I would live in a closet with a tub : ) Korean tubs are rather small ; my best guess is that you are meant to sit with your knees raised rather than stretching out. The building is long and narrow so my apartment has windows on both the east and western sides of the building.

I also have two long narrow porches that run the length of the apartment. My unit is on the ground floor So Eli's barkin will only bother one person.

The front porch hold the washer and dryer while the back porch is empty and just begging to be filled with herbs.

The doors onto the porches are complicated affairs comprised of three pairs of sliding panels that meet in the center of the door. If all the windows are open in the apartment there is a really nice breeze but it is terribly humid here in the summer and so I am utilizing the enormous air conditioner.

The living room has a small couch, dinetter set, giant tower air conditioner, and a tv that I have no intention of using. Elias seems to approve of the set up.

The bedroom is probably 10 by 12 and comes with a queen size bed and two scary space heaters. I have a creeping suspicion that the house leaks heat like a sieve.

The kitchen has a full sized freezer and fridge, a rice maker that sings at you ( every electronic device sings in korea ) and two little burners on which I made dinner for my coteacher last night after wandering around Jeollanamdo filling out paperwork. My first big purchase here will be an oven large enough to roast a turkey.

After the tub I wasn't expecting any more suprises but the kitchen closet turned out to be a very small bedroom with enough clothes storage for me and my camping gear. It is of course in complete disarray.

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