Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sourdough pot

Up until now I've just been keeping my sourdough starter in a mason jar. Today when I wandered over to Caribou Coffee they were trying to unload their holiday merchandise and were running a "if you buy ten dollars worth of stuff you get a drink for free" gimmick. I love a good gimmick. So my eyes fell on this sealed jar that is intended for coffee but will serve me well as a sourdough pot.
My pet experiment at the moment is to figure out how to make a sponge that will ferment through the day (ostensibly while I'm at work or overnight) and then a dough that will rise after one kneading in a similar amount of time. So eight to ten hours each.

I'll report if I meet with success.


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Charles said...

Hey Eikon~~

Hey Dickie~~

I didnt see you on AIM..

I just want to say have a great MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Great Wishes and Hopes...