Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Scahat for Earl

I didn't really like how the Swell hat turned out , the gauge is too loose, and so when Earl said it was on its way to becoming a "scahat" (scarf hat combo) I remembered I hadn't made him anything yet this winter and finished it up tonight.

It comes with distressingly long ear flaps/scarves?
Gay ninja powers.
The ability to really confuse Elias.
Or really torment him.

The red is Tweed Aran ad the silver is a cashmere blend from Louisa Harding.

Earl seemed rather excited to be getting it.



Diane said...

Eli says, "If only I had opposible thumbs and could feed myself I wouldn't have to put up with this."

danvera said...

Hmm... now where did I put that number for the Animal Humane Welfare League?