Tuesday, September 2, 2008

School is Rolling Along

Well the 9th grade is a tiring entity but I made it through my first week in the school system without any of my kids exploding. This is a very distinct possibility on any given day. My class roster runs about 80 students of whom 60 have shown up and out of which only twenty have been here every day. The biggest challenge seems like it is going to be just getting students to come to school on a regular basis.

I was at a party a few nights ago and met a rather beautiful man who Teaches at Georgetown Day School , 36,000 a year for tuition, and who claimed that his students recieved as little attention from their parents as mine did. The difference of course being that his parents can afford to hire out their parental responsibilities where as mine are simply negligent and lack the fiscal resources to hide it under nanies and drivers.

Today we are learning about the basis of religion and early christianity. Tommorow we'll do map work and talk about the spread of Christianity and the medieval Church. It should eb noted that at the moment we have one copier for 50 teachers to use. The educators here are like starvation victims when it comes to paper; they hoard it in their rooms and carry around reams for use in the copier which is our fickle goddess bestowing favors on most but breaking down and damning other teacher's lesson plans to oblivion.

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Diane said...

Neglecting children cuts across all income levels. Makes you wonder why some people have them at all.

So are there guys in trench coats in the hallways at school saying "Pssst, wanna buy some paper?" and throwing back a flap of their coat so show they've got the good stuff?