Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Back Blogging

So here are a number of posts that ought to have been put up last month but that were not. Starting with the trip I made with Niko to the mountains of Pennsylvania.
Here is a picture of one of the homemade memorials to mining down the road from where my parents live. with Niko standing reverently in front of it.

We arrived during the week and my mom took two days off to hang out with us. I was eager to take Niko for a walk around the mountain and so we wandered out one of the old raillines to Where they were constructing the first lovely things to grace these mountains other than the trees.

It seems three windmills are going up on the mountain where I grew up and I am very excited by that. You can tell by the full out smile I am wearing in this picture; I normally only smirk. I'm actually croutched inside one of the fins of the turbine to give you an Idea of the scale of the windmills.

The land around Centralia is among the most brutalized I have ever encountered. Between the mine fire and the strip mining there is a lot of damage that has been visited on this place by humanity. Still there is a beauty to the top of this mountain that I have never found elsewhere and I am very happy people are adding something no destructive to the landscape.

I can only hope that more of these will be put up in the area. They will provide well paid secure jobs and really do look stunning on top of the mountains.

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