Tuesday, August 5, 2008

At the Cemetery

As a historian I am obligated to like cemetaries. This would also be true if I were a ghoul or Vampire of some sort; being Ukrainian is close enough. Here are a few of the gravestones at my parish church. I always try to stop by and say hello to Baba and Pap when I'm visiting my parents and Niko was all to haapy to come along. It really must be a Slavic preoccupation.

When I was a little shit one of the church trustees told me to always wash my hands before I left the cemetery and like most things from such sources never explained why. I still do it out of habit and Niko seems to think it is a Jewish hold over. In any case there is a bath tub in the cemetary for filling water cans and fulfilling cryptojewish rituals.

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