Saturday, May 24, 2008

Simply Shetland Shawl

This shawl took the better part of a month to complete and is made of six balls of Simply Shetland silk and wool in the blueprint color way. I've given it to Cornelia at Bella Lana and she intends to put it in the store window. It was the object of much gasping while I was there today though to be honest the patterns were fairly simple. Lace seems to impress people.

A few pictures in a plum tree. At least I think it was a plum tree. I am rather in love with the Folk Shawls book and already have the yarn for my next lace project.

To give you an idea of the color here is the shawl in full sunlight. I was just being silly when I took pictures of it in the shadows.

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Diane said...

Lace always impresses people. Your shawl is lovely and deserves all the ooo's and ahhhh's it gets.