Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More Shawl fun

This is knit on 8's with Simply Shetland Cashmere and wool in the "blueprint" color way. I'm a big fan of this yarn. Really I'm a big fan of Jamieson and Simply Shetland in general. The Shawl is currently about 26 inches from top to tip and needs to to go another 10 inches to a solid three feet top to bottom and 6 feet across.

There will be three lace patterns and a border when everything is said and done all of which are coming out of the Folk Shawl book.
This one is labeled "Fir cone".
And these are simple called diamonds.
I really like this larger diamond more but it is significantly more complicated then the other two patterns and takes longer as a result. I suspect that the shawl will be done in a week.

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