Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Horror of Downsizing

Now any of you who have met me in person know that I am rather attached to my possessions. I really love all of my things and am not looking forward to moving.

I went to Minneapolis in a cargo van from Saint Cloud that was rather full and will be moving wherever it is I'm moving in a Chevrolet Prism. With Elias in the front seat. Eli likes car rides.
Apparently I can ship file boxes of books for about 15 dollars a piece and so will not be taking any of them in my 4 cylinder Conestoga Wagon. I will also be saying goodbye to my furniture, none of which is terribly good any way.

This leaves my clothes (which I actually have fairly little of), my kitchen ( Thank God I don't have electric appliances), my computer, and my pretty things like the crystal and my djembe to be squished into the car. Oh and the dog stuff. Meaning I need to get rid of about 100 books (the thought brings tears to my eyes) and various bottles, craft supplies, and other oddments that I have acquired in the past six years. I think I may have to use yarn and clothes to pack fragile things.

It would be nice to know where I'm moving to as well. : )

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