Tuesday, January 8, 2008

On the River

I'm four or five blocks from the river and am looking forward to walks down there when the weather is warmer. Though these past few days have been balmy enough to enjoy wandering around. I do like to rove.

Here are some pictures of the riverfront I took today. My father builds bridges for a living and I've always been enamored of them. Especially large ones though at home in Pennsylvania the Susquehanna and the Delaware are the only rivers as large as the Mississippi where it flows through the Twin Cities. There are extensive parks along the east side of the river and in the summer people actually fish out of it off the small bridges.
There is a long history of milling in Minneapolis and the riverfront provided the power for the factories; which are now a multitude of condos any of which I would love to own.
The river still has a few power plants.
Of course there are the locks that get ships down from the "Saint Anthony Falls" ; they once were falls but someone messed them up and the ensuing whirl pool necessitated a dam being put in. The bridge in the background is the "Stone Arch Bridge" and is a beautiful structure.
Finally there is the Guthrie Theater. I think its an interesting building and will not be dated nearly so quickly as most structures that are built on its scale.


stephen said...

It's lovely to see your photos of Minneapolis. In addition to getting a glimpse into your world, it's like a winter vacation to a place I'd love to visit. I've only been during the summer.

RevolutionMe said...

yay guthrie and bridges. If it's nice enough maybe we can take eli for a walk down by the riverside. Or maybe I could just float the sonuvabitch down the river to you. mwah.

Eric & Tony said...

Brrrrr. Love all the colorful homes. The archetecture is so different from what we have here in the land of the ranch-style.

The Noro Scarf goes really fast and is so easy. Check out Brooklyntweed's recipe for this beauty.