Monday, January 7, 2008

My New Very Local Yarn Store

So the move is completed and I am happily dwelling in the Marcy Holmes Neighborhood of Minneapolis though so far north that I'm really more in the East Bank section of town.
Wonder of wonders as I was wandering home from the bus I saw a yarn store. Apparently they have not been around long enough for Google to list them. Bella Lana
is a lovely little shop with a small but very carefully selected selection of rather high quality fibers.
It's a very tidy rather lovely little shop and is quite the temptation.
Plus they have puppies. Two puppies.
A pug named Speedo. Who is just the friendliest little canine ball.
Then there is the elegant Enzo an Italian greyhound who likes to lounge in the window looking at passers by.

I'm going to knitting tomorrow night and will be certain to take more pictures of the neighborhood.

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Kyle Kunnecke said...

I love that pug! - oh - and email me your email address... I have a photo that I want to send to you (nothing exciting; but I thought of you when I saw it)