Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Back in Pennsylvania there are a myriad of "amusement parks" to chose from and like elsewhere there used to be many more. My favourite and the closest to my childhood home is called Knoebels. They realized decades ago that they couldn't compete with Hershey or Dorney Park when it came to giant rides or size and so maintained a free admission policy and many of the old rides.

Here is Flopper hugging Kosmo the park mascot.

My mother, Mandi, and Flopper, perusing through the crafts.

My nieces Kira and Macenzie in their prison/stroller.

And some of the lumber equipment that Knoebels is noted for. The park started as a pool in the 20's, then a camp ground, and finally a park. During that 40 year stretch the family who owns the park also had a lumber mill. So there are all manner of lovely old woodworking machines scattered throughout the park.


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