Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rice harvest

So rice paddies are really small compared to other types of grain fields and so rice threshers are also rather small.
Out in the country the local farmers harvest and dry grain fro their ow use and to sell at a higher price than unprocessed grain. The old men and women use large rakes to spread it out on long narrow platic mesh tarps.
It makes me think of Zen rock gardens.
On Mondays I walk a mile between two of my country schools and a solid half of that mile has these stretches of rice bleaching in the sun.
The farm wives are also busy proccessing tons of other plants. These weeds are beaten with a stick to loosen the seeds and then sifted to remove the leaves that come off during the beating.
The farmers are always puzzled when I take pictures but don't seem too mind that much.

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