Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kimchee Festival

Today I wandered t the kimchee festival in Gwangju. It was a foodie paradise.

Every good Korean Even needs to have a mascot. I refrained from asking for a hug.

Oddly I think he is supposed to be a leafy cabbage; which is the sort you use for kimchee as opposed to the denser varieties we in the West favor.

There were dozens of kimchee booths offering up uncountable goodies of Korean provenance.

Lotus roots and Radishes.

Garlic in salt and vinegar. I bought a kilo of this for presents to my Korean teachers.

Korean Pastry.

Kimchee; lots and lots of Kimchee.

Kimchee cook offs.

Kimchee instruction for hopeless unenlightened foreigners.

Directly next to the kimchee classes for children : ) We got a cute little plastic kimchee bucket.

And finally a Magic Kimchee Garden which was ver proudly all organic and inside the convention center. I had a wonderful time.

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