Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bread Bowl, hatchet, and Prayer Book

Niko and I exchanged our Christmas gifts today. I received a hatchet, prayer book, and a bread bowl. The bread bowl is particularly lovely. Niko hails from south eastern Ohio a region that was noted for its production of stoneware for well over a century now. The bread bowl is a match to one he purchased a few years ago and that I have been lusting after since first I laid eyes on it. It seems that the pottery that made these has gone out of business and the mold for this particular bowl has been lost. Meaning that unless someone really cares and wants to reconstitute the mold from an existing bowl there will be no more of this lovely bowl. It's very deep and probably holds a solid three gallons.
Here's a new picture of Elias cuddling with me.

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Tallguy said...

Just what every guy needs: a bread bowl. That is a lovely one. Mom has a metal one, but I would like a stoneware bowl. I'll look around.