Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Berry Shawl and A Polish Cookbook

So I decided to knit my mother a shawl. Now my mother is more the footed pajama sort and less the shawl sort but I figured it was worth the effort and it is a good introduction to lace knitting which is a skill that has so far eluded me.

The shawl is out of the "Folk Shawls" book and is labeled the Wool peddlers shawl. The original is on #8 needles and called for a sock weight. I wanted something a bit heavier and looser and so bumped it up to 10.5 and used the Lorna's Laces super wash in the mixed berry color way that I picked up in Saint Cloud almost two years ago. The original called for solid garter stitch but I added these yarn over chevrons and will have to take a few rows from the lace pattern too keep the shawl from growing too large.

The garter stitch edging will be in this gorgeous Tilly Thomas purple silk. I am not normally a fan of beaded yarns but this is really a rather gorgeous one.

I also bought this cookbook today written in 1948 to help with the rebuilding of Poland after WWII. It's a real gem of an old cookbook and I'm looking forward to making blueberry soup.

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