Sunday, September 13, 2009

Korean Bacon Restaraunt

Boy but they love fatty meat here in Korea. It's more than a little frightning but oh so very tasty. Here are some pictures of the korean bacon restaurant I went to w/ Dean and Jen.
There is a lot of kitchen shear action at Korean restaraunts. We must have had two slabs of bacon but fortunately the waitress cuts up everything at the beginning of the meal.

All we hungry diners needed to do was toss some veggies on the grill and wait for the meat to cook. the technique for eating this and duck involve grabbing a lettuce leaf or sesame leaf and making a small foliage taco stuffed with bacon, kimchi, and rice. You then shove that entire package into your mouth. It is amazing.

Plus you need to eat quickly to get any meat for yourself and to keep from tasting the soju . Which is mind numbingly awful.

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