Thursday, June 26, 2008

Goodbye Boo

John Mark has been making many good byes lately and I have to make mine.

The first and easier is goodbye Minnesota. This state has taught me 4 things.

1. I do not belong in the MidWest.
2. I am not in the least suburban and rural.
3. I f I try hard enough I can do nearly anything.
4. There are kind and wonderful people in places I don't belong.

To all those Kind and wonderful people; specifically Dan, Redwing, Cicada, Phoenix, Timothy, Peat , Ben and the faeries at Kawashaway my thanks for being lights for me. I'll be in touch.

The second and much more difficult good bye is to Flopper. He has taught me a number of things through our 4 years of caring about one another. He knows what they all are and it would be a long list to put here. I can only hope that Benin and his experiences there are as life changing for him as he has been for me.

We'll be leaving tomorrow.

If life is a book then we are closing this chapter. In a few days I'll be in DC and a new chapter will begin. As a historian I believe in closing paragraphs so here is the one for this chapter.

If I were in charge of things; things would be different. They would however probably not be better and in all likelihood would be worse. Adventure and life occur when we are not in control, when trees that have stood for what seems an eternity crack and fall. I have not fallen but am in motion. For teaching me that motion is necessary, that tears are honorable, and that I am kind; Thank You. For having the courage to believe I could care for myself and the honesty to make me do it; Thank You. The worlds waits for us and we have much to do in it.

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