Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

So I'm 25; it's an odd age. I am on the verge of near everything at this point which is an odd place to be.
(What is the expression Eli is making? Strange dog)
Flopper and Eli visited yesterday so I took the opportunity to get some cute Eli pictures.


Amy said...

Happy birthday! So where are the cute Eli pictures?

wondermachine said...

Hey there handsome!
You didn't tell us your birthday was coming up! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
25's a great year. I (do) remember it well wee so long long ago.
Hope these days are filled with the knowledge of the great love and friendship you have around the country.

Diane said...

Happy Birthday!

Eric & Tony said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry it's so late; hope it was great.